Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let Them Eat Merveilleux!

You know what a croissant is, even if you cannot properly pronounce it. But what about a Berliner, a Cramique, a Choux, and (finally), a Merveilleux!? The last one I can explain here: It is a sweet little delight made of meringue, whipped cream, and one of four different coatings such as dark chocolate or the ever-popular Speculoos (think Biscoff cookies).  I urge you to go there and ask the nice young lady behind the counter about the others; live the experience, don't just read about it!

Yellow is the color of happiness, and grey?? Well its versatile with 50 shades and all. Upon entering this cafe  the first thing I noticed: YELLOW! The color scheme is more than just a personal choice, it represents the  the home of Merveilleux: Belgium's sky, which is said to be "once grey, once yellow."

I try not to drink my cappuccino too fast.
People hustle down the streets of the Upper East Side.
I sit inside the Yellow Submarine realizing that stripes and brick actually go well together.
Yes, I took the time to notice my surroundings, cappuccinos tend to do that to you...
and then I take a bite...

... but not before smelling my Merveilleux and the familiarity of Biscoff that I load up on during my Delta flights.
NOWWWW I  take a bite, then two more and set it down trying to do what every French person does because it is built into their DNA, or just their culture.
Slowly savor my food.
Savor Life.

I look forward to reading Vanity Fair on Sundays and sipping frothy fatty milk.
I lick my wooden spoon (plastic are so late '60's).
The best part about my Merveilleux?
Its the opposite of those preserved, over-sized sugar pumped ( and fake sugar at that) "snacks" that the food industry creates.

The owner takes pride in preserving the Belgium palate and recipes, which uses less sugar; "small pearls" as she put it.
Don't get me wrong, these still are sugary treats, just not the kind of sweet some may be used to, this is REAL.
I lick my wooden spoon and can actually feel my taste buds, they are not shocked with an over-palatable fake sugar rush, my 20% Belgium roots thank this cafe for opening.

Then I look down, so ein Shade, I drank all of my cappucino
Time to sit back, relax and
read my Vanity Fair.

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