Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ost Cafe. A Hemingway-Like Corner in the East Village

You Have a Way with Words My Dear
A Rustic Cove
A Split Scene
Coffee to the South
Wine to the North
Newspapers hang from the walls
Students to my left
Bohos in the Back
Village locals everywhere
Ost newspapers

My girlfriends accompany me in my wine cafe endeavor
(They are always up for helping me taste wine)
We strike up a conversation with the friendly Sommelier-in-training
He's patient and enthusiastic as we  travel the Austro-Hungarian Empire
I decide on the Blaufrankisch, Weninger, Niederosterreich, 2007
I chose this mainly because friendly Sommelier-in-training guy described it as
"As though cinnamon and spice mated and had a baby- this wine would be it."
Thats some real life wine talk
Ost list

We got the meat and cheese plate, becuase that is what women really want
It came complete with nuts and dried fruit, pickles and crackers
Simple needs a little sweet
So then we had some Nutella Chocolate "Chipwiches" to complete the experience
A fine place to bring a date, your parents, a friend or just yourself
Study, write, laugh, live
Whether its wine or espresso your are looking for
Go no further,  you have found what you've been looking for.
Kelly ost

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